Meet the team: Emma Fielding

Tell us about your role as a Technical Analyst?

My role as a Technical Analyst is very varied, which keeps things interesting. It includes a wide range of work including looking at where clients are now, where they want to be, and building a plan for them to get there! This is the most rewarding bit of my job. There are many aspects involved when building a plan for a client, but one of the most impactful is our cashflow modelling tool. This essentially brings the client’s plan to life by giving them a visual of where they are now and what the future looks like. Once we have built this, we can then add several scenarios to show clients these changes affect the plan. We talk through and build scenarios live in meetings with clients to try and make it as interactive as possible.

My role also includes looking at ways to improve tax efficiency for our clients and putting together recommendations around investments, protection, inheritance tax planning and anything else that may be relevant or of benefit them.

I am passionate about my work and enjoy the fact that when it comes to financial planning it isn’t a ‘one size fits all’. I enjoy the challenge of solving problems and being innovative to help our clients achieve their goals.

No day is the same at First Wealth which I really enjoy, the role is a blend of technical aspects whilst also giving me the opportunity to get involved in the client side of things as well which I really enjoy.

You are in the process of becoming a financial adviser. Tell us about your working towards becoming a financial adviser?

Having worked in the financial services sector for 10 years, becoming Chartered and being a people-orientated person my next goal is to progress to become a financial adviser.

As you can imagine becoming an adviser is a lengthy process, at First Wealth there are 3 stages to the trainee development programme, and I have recently started the initial process.

Stage 1 includes due diligence checks on myself, inductions, knowledge tests, case studies, attending client meetings and several role-plays. This will be supported by the Best Practice Compliance Team, my Mentor (Robert Caplan) as well as colleagues.

For stage 2 I will continue to observe meetings, including initial, presentation and annual review meetings. I will also at this stage be able to conduct client meetings under 100% supervision of my mentor.

Finally, stage 3, I will undertake meetings by myself and alongside my mentor as well as completing additional case studies and role-plays with the Best Practice Compliance Team. All of my cases will be checked, and I will also have monthly meetings with Compliance.

It can take time to complete the process as I am still working full-time as a Technical Analyst as well as doing this training, but I am really enjoying learning and developing in my role and career, and I am very excited about the future.

What made you want to work in financial services?

I was first introduced to this industry by my parents as they work in this sector, this gave me insight early on and I was interested to find out more. As a first step in the door in terms of my career, I applied for a role as a financial planning administrator. However not having any financial services experience at the time I did not get an interview. Determined not to be beaten, I got some relevant work experience and reapplied for the same role six months later. This time, although having not gone to university they offered me a place on their graduate scheme. This meant a lot to me and set a solid foundation for my career.

Why do you want to be a financial adviser?

I am excited to progress in my career and become a financial adviser as I am a people person and passionate about helping people. Being a financial adviser is great because it allows me to help people and also incorporates my technical ability. To be a financial adviser you need to be understanding and empathetic and I look forward to applying that insight into helping people achieve the future they dream of.


Emma Fielding is now a Chartered Financial Planner. 

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