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Cash Flow Modelling

What is Cash Flow Modelling?

It is not enough to say “I want to have enough money to retire comfortably” – you need to think realistically about how much you will need to do this. And the more specific you are, the easier it will be to create a successful financial plan.  

This is Cash Flow Modelling – it sits at the centre of our financial planning process and is a vital step in achieving your financial goals. 

In our financial planning process, Cash Flow Modelling comes after we have established a clear idea of your objectives. We find that it helps you visualise the journey to achieving these goals and aspirations.  

To ensure this model is as accurate as possible, we use interactive technology to plan and adapt to real-life events before, during, and after they happen. This allows us to use all information available to answer every “what if?” scenario. 

We believe that everyone should have a detailed and realistic cash flow model because a goal without a plan is just a wish. And, inevitably, life will throw curveballs along the way, so regular reviews of the plan are essential to keeping you on track.  

What are the benefits?


Cash Flow Modelling gives you a tangible, visual, forecast of your financial future from now to the later years. This forecast considers how your finances will be affected in several scenarios and events. For instance, when can you comfortably retire? Do you need to work for longer? Change the way you save and invest?

Man looks at his cash flow modelling to see the timeline of his wealth

What are the potential risks?

Cash flow modelling doesn’t predict the future – some projections could be incorrect. The returns seen from cash flow modelling are linear; considerations for financial risks and rule changes must therefore be made.

To accommodate these risks, your cash flow model is reviewed on a regular basis by your financial planner. Reviews also take into account any changes in both your life and the goals you have set. Your cash flow modelling will also consider your trajectory under different circumstances (for instance, if you retire early, buy a bigger house, or travel more).

It is important that you discuss these risks with a Certified Financial Planner

How do we plan for Cash Flow Modelling?

When we meet with a new client, we have a detailed discussion which helps to establish the objectives which matter most to them. Differentiating between what is important and what is ‘nice to have’ is critical.  

We then plot the various financial inflows and outflows over your lifetime to establish whether you can make that dream purchase, retire at your desired age, put money aside to achieve your goals, etcetera.  

Once we have established this, we can look further into how best to allocate your assets to keep your plan on course – there is a direct correlation between asset allocation and goals. 

Our lifetime Cash Flow Modelling enables you to: 

  • Define What Matters Most 
  • Protect What Matters Most 
  • Achieve What Matters Most 
  • Gain financial clarity and control 
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Questions we get asked a lot

Our Cash Flow Modelling accumulates data including (but not limited to): 

  • Goals  
  • Basic Expenditure, Leisure Expenditure, and Living Costs (such as rent) 
  • Current income  
  • Savings and Investments  
  • Property  
  • Pensions  
  • Shortfall, assessing projected spending and income across your life, including but not limited to saving periods, spending periods, slowing down, later life, and care 

This data is presented in a range of graphs – primarily bar charts and pie charts – to make the information as digestible as possible.  

Our lifetime Cash Flow Modelling is aimed at individuals who wish to: 

  • Become and remain financially organised 
  • Determine lifetime goals  
  • Create a lifetime cash flow plan 
  • Control tax liabilities 

In our financial planning process, Cash Flow Modelling comes after we have established a clear idea of your objectives. We find that it helps you visualise the journey to achieving these goals and aspirations. 

Goals without a plan is just a wish. Cash Flow Modelling is one of the most useful tools we can use as financial planners to help you visualise the plan to achieve your goals. 

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