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Financial Coaching

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Making sound financial decisions isn’t easy, especially at stressful times – like when you are faced with stock market volatility.

Human beings are hardwired to make bad financial decisions – fact!

Your behaviour has far more impact on your investment returns than the make-up of your portfolio.

The trick? Learn to ride the storm. Ignore the media chatter about the latest crisis, and the political commotion that’s enough to panic the most experienced of investors. Investing is for the long term – not the latest shiny thing. Stay calm and focus on the end goal.

What we cover

Understand your money personality. We start by looking at the attitudes, habits and behavioural biases that affect you the most.

Identify your blind spots. You will learn to recognise harmful behaviours and take positive action when they occur.

As your financial partner, we will help you to make the right decisions for your future, even when the going gets tough.

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