My Notion Start Management Programme experience: Daniel Evans

Congratulations on completing your Notion Star Manager Programme. Can you tell us about it?

I was promoted to Head of Technical last year and at that point First Wealth offered to fund the course to help enhance my skillset in management and coaching.

Coaching people is completely different to traditionally managing/mentoring them, so I am glad that I have had this education as it has made me a better line manager and improved my working relationships. I hope this will help me to become a better asset to my team and to give them the daily support they need in their role and to reach their overall career goals.

What was your biggest take away from the course?

I am passionate about helping people in general, so it has given me the ability to do that better. Finding ways to ask better questions, listening to people, and guiding them to become empowered in their role in order to reach their potential has been my biggest take away.

I also feel more equipped in finding solutions to problems day to day which means I can better support my team.

Where did you do the course?

This was a self-paced, online course which was ideal as I started it during the lockdown. As well as being self-paced there were live sessions you could join online. I found that learning style worked well for me!

How has the way you work changed?

It has certainly changed for the better. I find I am now better able to empower my team to help them find the answers they need themselves, rather than telling them because taking the time to help someone find their own way as opposed to just going through a show and tell session promotes more permanent change.

In management, people often fall into the trap whereby they end up doing things themselves when a team member asks them for help because it is quicker to do that rather than explain something, but if you spend time explaining something to someone you create that actual change and help them develop their skill set.

My ultimate goal would be able to train my team so well that they could effectively replace me as the Head of Technical.

Part of First Wealth being a B-Corp means that there is a drive for the company to support the staff members’ wellbeing and by empowering people and helping line managers better look after other people, it has a positive effect on the overall culture and quality of work.

What do you hope this course will help you to achieve?

This course will help me to be the best manager that I can be and, in turn, help my team be the best that they can be. I want to help my team flourish in their careers and their journey overall. It is important to me to be a positive part of someone’s career development when managing them.

What’s the best part about coaching your team?

For me, the best part is genuinely about helping people to get to where they want to be and giving them the tools to achieve their individual goals.

It is incredibly rewarding to see people develop in their roles and being part of that positive change. I am so glad I can make a difference in that way. First Wealth are amazing at letting people become the best version of themselves and supporting their continued learning. For example, we recently had a training day with Jon Harding from Great Leadership Teams which changed the way we work for the better and opened my eyes to my working style and how I can work best with other people’s working style.

What’s next for you after this course?

This will help me to develop in my career and be a great financial adviser one day. So much of doing a good job filters down to the way you communicate with clients, helping them find the answers they need to reach their goals and having the best relationship with clients and colleagues possible – it is incredibly important.

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