Series 2 Episode 8

Dismantling diet culture & valuing authenticity above all with Lucy Mountain

Episode show notes

A quick glance at the fitness industry will often reveal only a dizzying array of conflicting information, social pressure and (possibly worst of all) advice perpetuating diet culture.

That’s where Lucy Mountain steps in to show that there’s a better way – one with no extremes, no guilt-tripping, and absolutely no BS. 

Joining us on The First Wealth Podcast this week, Lucy is a recovered diet culture victim and Founder of Nobs App who shares her authentic approach to content, community-building principles, and how she stays on her entrepreneurial A-game.

What we cover

  • Lucy’s evolution as an entrepreneur creating an app with social purpose
  • The awful consequences of diet culture’s widespread prevalence
  • Remaining authentic even if it becomes financially detrimental
  • The importance of putting mental wellbeing first when running a business with such focus on social media and community
  • How to get out of a funk, focus on small wins and set yourself up for success


About our guest

Lucy Mountain is a diet culture survivor with a grudge. Emerging from university into the world of digital marketing, Lucy was armed with the tools to take matters into her own hands and shift the narrative around fitness.

After becoming tired of toxic diet trends, she created a fitness app unlike any other. She decided not to push narratives of muscle building or weight loss, simply providing a community to help do what you want with your body.

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“You really need to give to your community. If you're not giving, how can you turn around and expect people to want to support you and your products? You can’t.”

20:45 - Lucy Mountain

“In any job, you have to adapt, you can't be left behind and the Internet has changed so much, we need to let go of what it used to be. Posting flatlay is not going to get you likes like it used to back in 2014. We can't be sitting around complaining about that, we need to make content which is now suited to what people want.”

30:35 - Lucy Mountain

“I was so ready to drop everything because I wasn't in a positive headspace. That's why mental health is so important. So if you can take moments at the start of your day, writing down what you need & little to-do lists of easy wins - it seems like it's all that self improvement BS, but it's not. It works, and there’s a reason people talk about doing it.”

44:15 - Lucy Mountain

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