Series 1 Episode 3

Lessons on communications in crisis with Iain Anderson

Episode show notes

Covid-19 is a crisis that has prompted us all to consider how we communicate, from tone and frequency to methods, and the lessons we take from the pandemic will serve us well in future crises.

In episode 3 of The First Wealth Podcast, Anthony is joined by Iain Anderson, who divulges tips from his 25 years’ experience in communications on how business leaders can collaborate effectively in even the most world-altering events.

Anthony is joined by Iain Anderson of Cicero/AMO to discuss his thoughts on how business leaders should communicate in a crisis, as well as how COVID-19 could shape the way we work forever, even after the crisis.

What we cover

  • Ways in which the pandemic has brought businesses into closer collaboration.
  • Re-evaluating the need for in-person office work based on our desire for connection.
  • The essential factor of nailing your tone in communications to clients and staff alike.


About our guest

Iain is Co-Founder and Executive Chairman at Cicero Group and focuses on public policy and corporate communications strategy supporting many global FTSE and Fortune 500 blue chip organisations. He provides CEO and Board level counsel. He has over 25 years experience in communications, initially as a business journalist and then as a founding shareholder at Incisive Media. He has also worked for a range of politicians, including Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke MP on his leadership bids.

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“A lot of firms throw an awful lot of money around at the best of times with corporate social responsibility, doing good in communities. That’s all great, but actually in a way one of the primary things that could happen, good things that could happen right now from businesses and policymakers to the health situation, is finding a solution to this.”

12:50 - Iain Anderson

“I do think right now there's time to think about the world of your customer in a more full, more thoughtful way than perhaps time would have allowed before all this.”

40:35 - Iain Anderson

“We are sentient beings, we need to meet each other, we need to be with each other. The big question coming out of all this is do we need to be with each other as much as we were before? Do we all need to sit in an office all the time, all together, as much as we did before? Or actually, can we have a hybrid existence?”

59:05 - Iain Anderson

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