Series 1 Episode 9

Overcoming the challenges of startup life with Luke Shelley & Marcus Ereira

Episode show notes

Creating a brand from scratch can be a daunting prospect, so to have Co-Founders who’ve done so twice in different industries on The First Wealth Podcast is an invaluable opportunity for anyone looking to enter the world of startups.

Anthony Villis is joined by Luke Shelley and Marcus Ereira, Co-Founders of Central 23. We hear their insights into how local businesses can leverage unique marketing techniques, the lessons they’ve learned from setting up Tavistock Tutors, and how it’s helped their unique brand stand out from the crowd.

What we cover

  • The endearing response from the Central 23 customer base initiated by having a unique product
  • Finding innovative marketing methods for drumming up local business
  • Structuring a talented team and growing a faithful client base


About our guests

Luke and Marcus started their first business, Tavistock Tutors, at the age of 17. The business was completely self funded, they did not raise any money and they sold the business 10 years later. Looking for a more scalable business opportunity, they co-founded Central 23 in 2016 and are currently working on delivering more fun to our customers through product, experience and exposure with an unorthodox attention to the smallest detail.

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“If you're a completely global company, and you're selling internationally, it probably makes sense to advertise on those mediums. But where we're actually attacking local areas to try and pick up clients, we can do stuff locally, so we can leave a bicycle there, or drive and park our branded car there and drum up business.”

16:00 - Luke Shelley

“Being in there and in the thick of it, you build up an understanding of what you'd ideally like to be doing. We've made a load of mistakes on the way as well. But I think you also learn from those mistakes. It's useful, doing it yourself, as well as taking advice from other people.”

26:30 - Luke Shelley

“We tried to take that opportunity to go into new products. But then what happened was we went into far too many products too quickly, and we also relied on just one retailer.”

39:50 - Marcus Ereira

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