Series 1 Episode 10

Preparing for the future of culture with Nick Matthews

Episode show notes

In light of the challenges we’ve all faced in years prior, it’s safe to say that company culture has had to make an essential evolution to prepare for a future of hybrid working.

Culture Amp’s Nick Matthews is well placed to see what makes a great manager, and which skills will be brought into play in the coming years. Hear Nick’s insights on how culture feeds into employee experience, and the necessity to build trust with your team, on episode 10 of The First Wealth Podcast.

What we cover

  • How culture feeds directly into employee experience
  • The essential, but surprising, skillset required in management roles
  • Ways to build trust with your team around company culture and policies
  • Predictions for the future of working on and off-site


About our guest

Nick Matthews is a Team Leader for Culture Amp’s EMEA team, based in London, as well as an advisor, consultant and influencer in the HR tech space. He is passionate about helping organisations change the way that they work. He cares deeply about putting people and culture first, building high performing teams and making things as simple as possible. His strategic focus is on designing and executing GTM strategies for fast growing SaaS companies expanding their footprint into EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

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“What has happened recently is that, with Covid and the transformation in terms of working from home and all the other situational aspects, it's never been more important for organisations to understand what and how their employees are feeling.”

3:00 - Nick Matthews

“I think that EQ is almost greater than IQ now, in terms of what people should be hiring for, particularly in management roles. There's a great quote that someone told me early in my career that if you want to go into management, you have to be comfortable, and in fact enjoy, dealing with intractable people problems every day. That's the job.”

13:00 - Nick Matthews

“Constant reinforcement and constant showing around saying, ‘Okay, do we have hiring goals now across the business that have been reported, and are we going to hear about those at the next quarterly kickoff?’ - things like that with constant enforcement is how you build that trust.”

54:00 - Nick Matthews

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