Series 1 Episode 5

Prioritising workplace wellbeing with Carole Spiers

Episode show notes

Carole Spiers is a recognised, world-leading authority on wellbeing and workplace stress, two highly pertinent topics for the current work climate.

On this episode of the podcast, we’re breaking down how to keep in touch with teams and keeping wellbeing at the top of the agenda, throughout the pandemic and beyond.

We hear how a culture of listening starts at the top, ways to keep up communications while working from home, and tips on maintaining a positive mindset in light of negative situations.

What we cover

  • How healthy workplace culture starts with the CEO
  • Where to start when considering a communications programme
  • Tips on communication and productivity while working from home


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About our guest

CEO and Founder of CSG. Carole is recognised as a world leading authority on wellbeing and stress at work. She is the media’s first choice for comment on workplace stress issues and best-selling author of Tolley’s ‘Managing Stress in the Workplace’ and ‘Show Stress Who’s Boss!’ Carole’s focus is on developing a healthy workplace culture through the successful management of stress and organisational change – all of which is underpinned by a compelling philosophy reinforced by her own experience as an Expert Witness before the UK Courts.

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“You want to be growing what I regard and call a healthy workplace culture. If you have a healthy workplace culture, it usually means that all these sorts of things we're talking about start at the top. If you want people to listen to you, then the listening has to start from the top, being supportive needs to start from the top. The CEO totally has it in their own hands.”

7:30 - Carole Spiers

“If a client said to me, ‘We want to look at a communications programme’, we’d first want to find out what are the challenges going on in that organisation. There's no point in bringing out any programme without having a full appreciation, an understanding and an empathy of what that organisation is going through.”

27:30 - Carole Spiers

“You've got two things. Number one, the crisis that we're experiencing at the moment is outside of our control, there is nothing we can do about that. However, what is inside of our control is how we manage it, and our attitude and mindset. That's what's within our control, so that's what you have to concentrate on.”

56:40 - Carole Spiers

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