Series 2 Episode 10

Re-Inventing the Creative Coworking Sector with Adam Walker

Episode show notes

Since 2020, there’s been a growing desire for business and personal connection, a challenge which Foundry is tackling head-on by curating SMEs around the country. 

Their Co-Founder Adam Walker is brimming with the passion to reinvent coworking, and create a bustling community within each of their rapidly growing sites.

Adam joins us on The First Wealth Podcast for a look at the brand’s stellar growth, and how they’re achieving their purpose-led mission.

What we cover

  • Adam’s early entrepreneurship and the roots upon which Foundry began
  • The importance of going the extra mile to curate coworking communities
  • Creating a vision with values and purpose over commerciality
  • Imbuing local values into each location of Foundry’s wide-reaching mission


About our guest

Adam Walker is Co-Founder of Foundry, with decades of prior experience in real estate, coworking spaces and previously the gaming industry.

The wider mission for Adam and Foundry is to harness the power of the shared economy to create ecosystems of brands and entrepreneurs.

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“You need people around you that complement you, that can support you when times are really tough, times like now. My parents didn't have a curated network of complementary partners and people that they could talk to, someone just to have a coffee with; a lawyer, a solicitor, an accountant, a tax advisor, a HR advisor, a marketeer.”

9:30 - Adam Walker

“We see that when we build a scheme in a town like Eastbourne, an aspirational scheme in a town like Poole, and we curate it right, it makes a huge impact on our members' lives. It is genuinely measurable because people come in, and they tell us their stories.”

29:45 - Adam Walker

“Sometimes you’ve just got to get on and do it. Roll your sleeves up, get stuck in. The power of aspiration is incredible. If you're hungry, and you really want to make this happen, you will make it happen.”

37:20 - Adam Walker

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