Series 1 Episode 7

The copywriter’s secrets to stellar storytelling with Caroline Mays

Episode show notes

Copywriting is a sometimes overlooked, but entirely essential, marketing tool with which to share the one thing that will always set you apart from the rest of an industry – your story.

Caroline Mays is the Founder of Switchblade Lemonade, a professional platform-building & bio-writing salon for thought leaders, speakers, authors, and artists.

In this exciting episode of The First Wealth Podcast Caroline dishes out the secrets to stellar storytelling, how to avoid cliches, and ways to turn a static bio into a sea of content about your journey.

What we cover

  • The secrets to crafting bios that set you apart from your industry
  • How copywriting can be considered its own niche worth learning, even for already-talented writers
  • Weaving your journey into text and focusing on the art of storytelling


About our guest

Caroline Mays is a writer and the creator of Switchblade Lemonade, a defiantly unorthodox image crafting and bio writing salon, that’s changed the meaning of the word “bio” by elevating its purpose from obligatory drivel to Epic Credential™, designed to open doors and claim an audience for professionals spearheading a movement.

She insists that the average “About Me” paragraph is a personality killer, an identity eraser, and a creative wasteland. But the stories that made us are robust, complicated, and deserving of our attention, as they contain all the necessary material for a bold, enlightened personal brand.

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“Copywriting is its own little genre. You kind of have to learn how to do it. Even if you think you're a good writer, it's like there are these concepts you have to keep in your head as you're doing it.”

6:45 - Caroline Mays

“People generally have an idea of what the story is, but they might be a little bit hesitant to use it because they don't really see why it matters. But there's that general feeling of ‘Yeah, I kind of know what it is’. Then you have to ask yourself, and this is a really important question: ‘What is it that you really want people to understand about you, what do they need to get?’”

14:00 - Caroline Mays

“The story part of your bio, the epic credential part of it, shouldn't just live there and be a stagnant piece of writing. There's lines in there that you can take out and repeat and use and repurpose, or even reword in a different way on social media in articles that you write. You really should be able to unpack it constantly.”

39:35 - Caroline Mays

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