Series 2 Episode 7

The power of making mistakes with Erika Tamayo

Episode show notes

Life often speaks to you and presents opportunities, sometimes you just need to listen. Erika Tamayo did, and it led her to creating a brand that’s reinventing the protein shake.

Erika, Founder of Hermosa, is also responsible for much of the marketing for Barry’s Bootcamp UK, so it’s safe to say that she knows how to stay level when the going gets tough.

In this week’s candid and colourful episode of The First Wealth Podcast, we hear about Erika’s entrepreneurial roots, the secrets to more effective comms, why mistakes are the best thing for us, and how she invites her team to ‘kill the ghost’.

What we cover

  • Why making mistakes is the best thing you can do
  • How Erika took risks and evolved
  • Tips for overcoming periods of high stress and overwhelm
  • The power of proper communications
  • Long term goals for Hermosa


About our guest

Erika Tamayo is the Founder and CEO of Hermosa, and also handles marketing for Barry’s UK. The business was started from the need for a better offering of protein for Barry’s clients, and Erika took the leap to selling their products in 2019.

She channels her passionate leadership and self-described ‘feisty latino’ personality to drive the business forward, something that’s clear to see from Hermosa’s staggering growth throughout the pandemic and beyond.

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“Ideas are very easy to have, making them happen is what makes the big difference, having a realistic plan and going step by step. There’s no one book to follow. There are lots of books but even so, if you go by the book, every case is very different, and you're gonna make loads of different mistakes that that book you're following didn't have.”

5:20 - Erika Tamayo

“You can't be the best at everything when you're doing so much, and you need to also communicate that. People tend to tell you things because they want you to be better, but you put lots of pressure on yourself so you hear it as, ‘I'm failing on this and that’. Actually, no, be kind to yourself. ‘I am trying my best. They are helping me focus’.”

28:50 - Erika Tamayo

“My team trusts me. They feel like they are in an open space to make mistakes. Mistakes are the most amazing thing that can happen to you as a human being, as a worker, and for you as an employer, because when you make those mistakes, you learn, you evolve.”

40:35 - Erika Tamayo

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