Series 2 Episode 2

The power of personal development with Mark Coles

Episode show notes

Many of us get through school years without finding what makes us tick, only to find a passion that recontextualizes everything. The fitness world and coaching was that very key for Mark Coles.

A business coach and mentor, author and fitness professional, Mark’s skillset has come from his remarkable mindset and relentless dedication to self-improvement and education.

Learn the imperative value of consistent learning, clear visions for your team, visionaries and integrators, purpose, and paying it forward.

What we cover

  • What constitutes ‘success’ or ‘failure’ in today’s education system, and how that can be changed
  • The core differences between teaching vs coaching
  • How personal development for business leaders catalyses success throughout a team
  • Taking your learnings and paying them forward


About our guest

Mark Coles has been in the fitness industry for 22 years. Throughout this time, he has become the owner of M10 Fitness LTD, an exclusive personal training and gym membership facility in Nottingham. He has also become a nationally recognized coach, an educator to fitness professionals worldwide and an author.

Mark helps teach fitness professionals how to turn their passion into a successful business, through his business coaching programmes or personal training membership.

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“Whatever I do when I'm happy, I do better. So the life of being a personal trainer, that's how it all really began. It was being inspired by being in the gym and knowing it made me feel happy, then thinking if I could do that to other people and try and get a living from it, that makes me happy too.”

5:00 - Mark Coles

“You don't have to have your own business in life. You can be extremely fulfilled working for somebody else, so long as you're working inside a growth-focused business that appreciates you and your values.”

14:35 - Mark Coles

“Your expectations have to be aligned with the action you're going to take. If the action is not particularly flat out, then you can't expect to get somewhere really quick, and that's what we've got to kind of balance. That's what I'm trying to do.”

47:55 - Mark Coles

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