Series 2 Episode 5

The steps to becoming a Forbes 30 under 30 co-founder with Zanna Van Dijk

Episode show notes

Zanna Van Dijk arrived on the Instagram scene as one of its early adopters. Fast-forward 8 years, and Zanna boasts 385k followers, 2 journeys as a Co-Founder and one fantastic spot on Forbes’ 30 Under 30.

While Zanna may have found fortune in her timely arrival on the social media scene, it’s her resilience, determination and mindset that have secured her success with Stay Wild Swim, and led her to create Thrive Money.

We hear Zanna’s incredible story and keys to success on this fascinating episode of The First Wealth Podcast!

What we cover

  • Embracing social media and building a huge following
  • How Stay Wild’s Co-Founders earned their spot on Forbes’ 30 Under 30
  • Revenue streams to be found on social platforms
  • The perils of entering a brand new, young industry
  • Embracing the lack of balance that comes with new business ownership
  • The dark side of social media


About our guest

Zanna van Dijk is an Instagram influencer, who has founded 2 successful businesses ‘Stay Wild Swim’ and ‘Thrive Money’. Her brands have grown alongside her experiences in the fitness industry, and she’s spread her message far and wide through her extensive social media reach and numerous books.

Zanna’s content spans travel, hiking, personal finance, productivity, plant-based eating and active living – her influence all centres around the desire to help others gain inspiration, motivation and knowledge which enables people to make positive changes to their daily lives.

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“Four years after I moved to London, I finally let go of the safety blanket of being a PT, and went fully online. I probably could have stopped maybe 18 months before that, but I think it was a big mental hurdle of letting go of that stable income.”

6:15 - Zanna Van Dijk

“We're basically trying to be thought leaders and product leaders in the world of sustainable swimwear, which I think is why we got recognition in Forbes’ 30 Under 30. We're by no means the biggest and most successful swimwear brand in the UK, but I think it's the fact that we're trying to create new exciting things, which hopefully is what got us recognised.”

20:25 - Zanna Van Dijk

“The main thing that allows me to squeeze the most out of my life is the night before, I will write a to-do list on my phone. I'll go through my calendar the next day, and I will schedule my day literally down to the minute.”

35:20 - Zanna Van Dijk

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