Series 1 Episode 1

Unlocking your growth potential with Anthony Villis and Robert Caplan

Episode show notes

Welcome to The First Wealth Podcast, a podcast that’ll support your journey as you carve your own path, disrupt industries, and build your innovative ventures.

We kick off series 1 with the Co-Founders of First Wealth, Anthony Villis (your host for the series) and Robert Caplan. Anthony and Robert break down the inception of their award-winning financial planning firm and the advice that entrepreneurs can take from their experiences. 

The economic parallels between the recession and current challenges make this episode an invaluable resource, where you’ll hear how to weather the storm of market uncertainty, why it’s key to look through to the other side (as counterintuitive as it may feel), and how to focus on your future as Anthony and Robert have.

What we cover

  • Anthony and Robert’s journey to Co-Founding First Wealth
  • Preparing your business for the threat of economic turbulence
  • The key steps to unlocking your business’ growth potential
  • How to pause and plan for the future to carve a path towards your goals, both business and personal


About our guest

Robert began his career as a Financial Adviser, moving quickly to the ranks to become a Partner at his previous firm, before joining Anthony to create First Wealth in 2009. His career highlight to date has been when First Wealth was awarded Money Marketing Small Adviser Firm of the Year in 2015. As someone who ‘lives in the moment’, Robert is a big advocate of creating a lifestyle that balances family, friends, personal interests and work. His dream is to own a bigger boat, and he lives by the maxim: ‘Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.’

Connect with Robert


“What makes First Wealth different I feel is the focus on the financial planning and the coaching. A lot of investment firms will do their wealth management, they'll manage assets for the client, but not everyone will do that proper in depth financial planning piece where they're looking at what the client really wants to get out of their life, where they're at at the moment, and what they want to achieve. ”

7:30 - Anthony Villis

“Everyone often talks about how, when you're running or setting up a business, your biggest headache will be your staff. No one focuses on the real importance of having the right staff, the right team, the right people doing the right jobs. Something which Anthony and I didn’t resist, but maybe didn't find the right person for a long time, was to have an office manager. When we found that person in Kerry, it helped our business evolve and grow.”

15:00 - Robert Caplan

“Like anything in life, sitting down, applying your time and effort to something, and talking through where you're at the moment and where you want to get to is quite a therapeutic experience. Listing out your goals and aspirations for the future and talking about some of the things that are going to hold you back - just having that initial conversation will help frame what you're looking to achieve.”

34:40 - Anthony Villis

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