Series 2 Episode 6

Conquer your goals through the power of optimistic realism with Pete Pastides

Episode show notes

Dream it. Believe it. Do it. This is the 3 step mantra that leads Pete Pastides in all he’s achieving, whether it be as an accomplished triathlete or an experienced CMO.

Pete, a longstanding First Wealth client, joins us on this inspiring episode of the podcast this week to share how he jumped from IBM into being a first time Founder, his work with the Brownlee brothers on their fitness brand, the passion and determination behind his sporting endeavours, and much more.

What we cover

  • Taking the intimidating leap into starting a new business
  • Goal-setting to give your life and future a sense of purpose
  • How Pete amassed his wealth of CMO experience and knowledge
  • Collaborating with the Olympian Brownlee brothers on Brownlee Fitness
  • Balancing business endeavours with staggering athletic achievements


About our guest

Pete Pastides is a marketing Guru, who successfully sold his own business in 2014, and has held numerous consultant and Non-Exec Director roles within various companies.

Beyond his business endeavours, Pete’s inspirational sporting journey sees him competing in triathlons to represent Great Britain at Age Group level, garnering significant success.

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“I always have a goal, and that goal gives my future a sense of purpose and certainty and something to work towards, as opposed to just endlessly ambling through life.”

11:10 - Pete Pastides

“To be really good at business, particularly running your own businesses, it’s multidimensional. You’ve got to be really disciplined and hardworking and tenacious, across multiple things - sales, marketing, finance, customer service, people, leadership - it is a discipline.”

32:35 - Pete Pastides

“I think kindness is an incredible virtue. There were times in my life where I wasn't kind, I was so driven. There was destruction along the way, where I was just utterly focused. Now I achieve my goals in a far more calmer, Zen-like, peaceful way.”

43:50 - Pete Pastides

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